Window Perch & Parrot Play Centre with Feeding Cups

Window Perch & Parrot Play Centre with Feeding Cups


  • A place for your Parrot to perch away from their cage, as this stand comes complete with two feeding cups, perch and toy hanger
  • It easily rests on mirrors and tiled surfaces
  • Occupies your Parrot for a long time
  • Suitable for Budgie, Cockatiel, Lovebird and more

About this Product

A portable and versatile stand for Parrots to eat, play and rest on.

This compact Window Perch and Parrot Play Centre provides a unique out of cage solution, perfect when space is at a premium.

It come complete with two removable feeders for food and water, or alternatively fill them with materials and foot toys for your bird to play with.

The uneven texture of perch allows for secure grip and helps to keep your Parrot’s feet exercised.

A strong toy hanger is provided, and to ensure your feathered friend can enjoy playing on the Perch and Play Centre, there’s a free Vari Fan – Mini included.

You can easily fasten on more of your Parrot’s favourite toys or tie on materials for them to chew.

The clear see-through design means your bird can continue to enjoy the view from any window, whilst they enjoy spending time on their Perch and Play Centre.

You can use this Play Centre on most smooth flat surfaces including mirrors and tiles surfaces around your home.

Please note: This Play Centre is supplied flat pack for self-assembly.

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