Foraging Pouch Chewable Parrot Toy

Foraging Pouch Chewable Parrot Toy


  • A range of materials to entertain Parrots with
  • Offers hours of chewing and foraging fun
  • Colourful materials intrigue your inquisitive Parrot
  • Suitable for African Grey, Amazon, Conure and more

Stash your Parrot`s treats and goodies inside this pouch and watch the fun unravel.

A woven wicker like material creates this Foraging Pouch Chewable Parrot Toy, making a fun chewable toy your bird can enjoy retrieving their rewards from.

Even though it is packed full with hundreds of strands of colourful crinkle paper, there is still lots of space to push through some other materials such as leather strips, wood or plastic beads alongside some edible treats. Add anything you know your bird would happily work for to give them lots of mental stimulation.

Toys that provide foraging opportunities allow your Parrot to behave as nature intended. Your Parrot can happily spend many hours of their day searching for and retrieving their food or favourite materials.

Once they’ve found their goodies, your Parrot can enjoy shredding the paper into smaller pieces; they just love the sound the paper makes as it’s ripped into smaller pieces.

The woven bag is a lot of fun for your Parrot to pick and unravel as well, giving them even more exercise through play.

You can either hang the Foraging Pouch Chewable Parrot Toy using the quick link provided or use some rope to tie it to the bars of your bird’s cage or play gym stand.

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