Candle Cups Carousel Chewable Foraging Parrot Toy

Candle Cups Carousel Chewable Foraging Parrot Toy


  • A colourful toy that lets your Parrot enjoy foraging fun
  • Your Parrot can rip the cardboard, preen the rope and more
  • Push treats inside to encourage foraging fun too
  • Suitable for African Grey, Conure, Eclectus and more

Bright and colourful with parts that can be moved.

This Candle Cups Carousel Chewable Foraging Parrot Toy has plenty to keep your Parrot’s beak busy as well as opportunities for them to enjoy some foraging fun.

With multiple materials in a variety of shapes and colours it’s clear to see how this attention-grabbing toy is sure to become your beaky buddy’s new favourite toy.

Use the metal pear link provided to quickly and securely fasten this Candle Cups Carousel to your bird’s cage or play gym stand.

Watch the fun begin as your feathered friend sets to work shredding and ripping apart the layers on the cardboard birdie bangles, chewing on the wood slats, disks and candle cups, manipulating the beads in a bid to remove them, and preening on the jute rope fibres.

Beneath the wood disk, inside the candle cups you’ll find space to place some tasty treats. Let your Parrot watch you put their favourite foods inside, then see them happily work out the puzzle to retrieve their rewards.

Providing foraging opportunities for your Parrot ensure they can fulfil this natural behaviour, one that would take up many hours of their time in the wild. Foraging helps to reduce boredom and the associated unwanted behaviours.

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