Baby Zero Bearded Dragon #2 (4-5″)

Baby Zero Bearded Dragon #2 (4-5″)



Zero Bearded Dragons

Commonly referred to as White Bearded Dragons, these are a fantastic looking dragon that are relatively new to the hobby.

Unlike Albino Bearded Dragons, that can have many health issues, this morph are more robust requiring the same care a a regular morph Central Bearded Dragon.

Zero mutation is also a genetic mutation that results in patternless dragons and are growing in popularity and can range from very white to dark grey.

The zero mutation is also a recessive trait and a dragon is not zero unless they carry both recessive alleles from the parents. If the zero bearded dragon for sale is het zero, this means they carry the zero gene and can produce zeros if paired with another dragon also carrying the same gene.

A dragon who is het zero carries the gene to the zero morph bearded dragon mutation and can also produce zeros. The het zero dragons will appear with normal colors and patterns and you cannot visually tell they are carrying this gene.

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Bearded Dragons

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