Spin and Swing Bagels Parrot Toy

Spin and Swing Bagels Parrot Toy


  • This toy has lots of bangles for your Parrot to unravel and a block to chew on
  • Has a bell for noise-making fun
  • Chewing on the wood keeps beaks trim
  • Suitable for African Grey, Conure, Senegal and more

Swinging and chewing fun rolled into one toy.

This Spin and Swing Bagels Parrot Toy with its three different sized delightful birdie bangles and an ABC wood block fitted to a metal wire, allowing them to move and rotate for a fun an interactive play time.

The compact layers of the birdie bangles have been adored by Parrots for years, your beaky buddy just won’t be able to resist peeling away the layers, then shredding the pieces into well tinier pieces!

The metal wire core is fastened to some chain, which has been filled on both sides with colourful wood beads. Chewing on the wood parts is all part of the fun for your beaky buddy, and whilst doing so it helps them to keep their beak healthy and trim. Don’t forget a Parrot’s beak is constantly growing.

Some cotton rope has been knotted to each side, which your Parrot can enjoy spending their time untying and preening on.

As your Parrot plays a shiny bell, chimes along merrily, sounds noise loving Parrots like to hear.

You can easily and securely attach this Super Bagel to your Parrot’s cage or play gym stand using the pear link provided.

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