Santa Fe Top Opening Parrot Cage with Stand

Santa Fe Top Opening Parrot Cage with Stand


  • A large cage that opens out at the top
  • Has wide doors and tray for cleaning
  • Includes perches, feeders and more
  • Suitable for Budgie, Cockatiel, Lovebird and more
  • Standard Delivery Only (Monday – Friday, excluding Bank Holidays)

About this Product

An elegant and versatile cage for smaller pet birds.

The Santa Fe, with its top opening arch section, provides a great place for your bird to perch, and with the addition of a few favourite toys will become a favourite safe place to play.

The large cage doors ensure that you have the best access when it comes to maintaining the inside of the cage.

The deep base helps to keep waste and debris in the bottom of the cage and not all over your floor. The two pull out trays make access to the base easy, ensuring you can keep their cage clean and fresh with minimal stress to your bird.

The cage sits comfortably on the stand which is fitted with casters making the whole unit easy to move from room to room during cleaning.

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