Ostrich Eggs For Sale

Ostrich Eggs For Sale




Buy Fresh Fertile Ostrich Eggs for sale is the greatest bird among all the bird species. They additionally produce the biggest eggs. A grown-up male Ostrich Eggs for sale loads between 63 to 130 kg and a grown-up female ostrich loads around 155 kg . Grown-up male ostrich feathers are dark shaded, essential and caudal plumes are white hued. Female and child ostrich plume can be of dim or white hued. The neck of the both male and female ostrich is practically featherless.

New Ostrich Eggs for sale Bring forth Eggs prepared to brood. ostrich chicks for sales eggs are assemble everyday, fertilized ostrich eggs and flushed and cleaned and held in cool capacity until transportation. These ostrich eggs are uniquely press and sent Need Mail with conveyance in 2 or 4 days to most regions around the world. Any ideal ensured conveyances should be transport Expedite delivery.

South African Dark Neck Ostrich Eggs for sale skins have the greatest follicle region and are pursue on the planet market. The follicle is the little handle where the quill develops. The more quills the more follicles. For a long time South Africa explicitly breeds ostriches for feather creation, thusly the cowhide. We in every case cautiously select the best ostrich eggs for brooding and bring forth. Our ostrich live in enormous gathering enclosures so the pace of fruitfulness is generally excellent. The Dark Neck Ostriches adjust in the snow of Canada, the desert of Saudi Arabia and the high dampness of Bangkok

ll Birds are raised Free Range and produce natural healthy eggs.  Floeck’s Country Ostrich Ranch is located in New Mexico USA and all eggs are produced here in the USA ONLY.  We have NO FOREIGN AFFILIATES.

Please Note–Fresh Rhea Eggs for Eating we be available again in about April 2024 when the regular egg production season begins. 

Rhea eggs for hatching–will be available in about April or May 2024 as the regular breeding season begins. 

Fresh Ostrich Eggs for eating–are available now as some of our ostrich egg for sale hens started laying eggs in January 2024 and should continue as the regular egg production season begins.  So we now have an abundant supply of ostrich eggs until about September or October 2024.

Ostrich Eggs for Hatching–will be available starting in about March 2024.

Fresh Emu Eggs for eating–are available now as the emus began laying eggs in November 2023.

Emu Eggs for Hatching–are available now until about March 2024.  

Please Note–Fresh ostrich hatching eggs for sale for Eating are NOT sold by weight.  Size is determined by measuring the ostrich egg in circumference around the egg lengthwise.  Weight on listing is shipping weight including packaging–not just the weight of the ostrich egg alone.

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