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Leatherback Bearded Dragon

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The Leatherback Bearded Dragon is a popular morph of the common bearded dragon (Pogona vitticeps) that is known for its unique appearance and docile temperament.

This fascinating reptile has smooth, scaleless skin that gives it a distinct, leather-like texture. Its lack of scales also makes it more susceptible to injuries and infections, so it is important to handle it gently and provide it with a clean, stress-free environment.


Leatherback Bearded Dragons
Pogona Vitticeps
The Leatherback morph in bearded dragons is caused by a single copy of a mutated gene, which appears to interfere with scale formation during embryonic development. Dragons showing this trait have scales reduced in size, giving them a much smoother, less spiky appearance. The smaller scales can also lead to improvements in colour and pattern.

Leatherback is inherited in a co-dominant fashion. Because of this, a “het” animal is a visual Leatherback. A homozygous animal is actually a scaleless “Silkback”. This means that it’s not possible for an animal to be “het Leatherback” unless it actually looks like a Leatherback – don’t be fooled by conmen or people who have misunderstood the genetics of the morph! The same goes for “Leatherback Line” or “Leatherback Sib” dragons – these are the non-Leatherback babies from a Leatherback cross, and have no Leatherback in them.

Leatherback Bearded Dragons: The Carolina Classic Dragons Guide to the Leatherback Morph


I’ve noticed lately that many high-end breeders now offer leatherback bearded dragons for sale. What’s the difference between a leatherback and a regular bearded dragon?

The biggest difference between a red leatherback bearded dragon vs. a normal bearded dragon is the scale size. A leatherback bearded dragon actually has more scales than a regular bearded dragon, but because these scales are much smaller the dragon’s back feels smoother to the touch (hence the name). And unlike a normal bearded dragon, leatherback bearded dragons don’t have spikes on their back, contributing to the skin’s supple feel. When you see a baby leatherback bearded dragon for sale, you’ll immediately notice that even at a very young age these dragons look almost soft to the touch. The smaller scales and lack of spikes on their back can also make a leatherback bearded dragon’s colors appear more vibrant.

This leatherback really glows!

This leatherback bearded dragon really glows!

What’s the difference between a leatherback and a Dunner bearded dragon?

Just as a citrus leatherback bearded dragon has a smooth and polished look, leatherback bearded dragon diet, Dunners have an almost prehistoric look in comparison. The more rugged appearance of a Dunner bearded dragon includes spikes on the back, while leatherbacks have spikes only on their sides and head. If there were a bearded dragon version of Grease, Sandy would be a leatherback and Danny would definitely be a Dunner!

Can a bearded dragon be both a leatherback and a Dunner?

Yes! At Carolina Classic Dragons we offer both leatherback and Dunner bearded dragons, but you’ll also find the occasional Dunner leatherback bearded dragon for sale.

A full-spectrum, hypotrans, microscale leatherback bearded dragon

A full-spectrum, hypotrans, microscale leatherback bearded dragon by CCD

Do leatherback bearded dragons come in different colors?

One of the things we love most about breeding these beautiful animals is that there are so many fun morph and color combinations possible. Today someone searching for a baby leatherback bearded dragon for sale has a variety of colors to choose from. A beardie lover can choose from red leatherbacks, orange leatherback bearded dragon morphs, citrus leatherbacks, and witblit and zero leatherbacks. At Carolina Classic Dragons we love color, and creating special pattern and color combinations is a unique science. Like our citrus and rainbow Dunners, our citrus and tangerine leatherbacks have found their way onto many a Pinterest board. Seeing a inferno leatherback bearded dragon that looks like a walking rainbow is a pretty amazing experience—especially when you realize that you can own one!

What makes a “tiger” leatherback?

When browsing leatherback bearded dragons for sale, you may come across terms like “citrus tiger” or “orange tiger” leatherback bearded dragon. Whatever the color, a tiger leatherback has a distinctive pattern. So unlike a solid citrus bearded dragon, a citrus leatherback will have darker contrast “stripes,” much like the giant cat it’s named after. Each super red leatherback bearded dragon tiger bearded dragon has its own unique pattern, like scaly little snowflakes!

A citrus tangerine tiger leatherback bearded dragon

A citrus tangerine tiger leatherback bearded dragon from Carolina Classic Dragons

Where can I buy my own leatherback bearded dragon?

Check out our For Sale page to see our current baby leatherback bearded dragons for sale. And while you’re there you can also browse our stunning citrus and rainbow tiger Dunner babies.

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    Leatherback Bearded Dragon: Stunning with smooth scales and a unique texture. Highly recommended for Florida reptile enthusiasts.

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