Granada Large Flight Cage for Small Birds

Granada Large Flight Cage for Small Birds


  • Offers small birds space to eat, play and more
  • Has feeding dishes, grille, tray and more
  • Sits on castors so is easy to move
  • Suitable for Budgie, Canary, Finch and Cockatiel
  • Standard Delivery Only (Monday – Friday, excluding Bank Holidays)

About this Product

A large indoor flight cage for your smaller birds to fly around in.

The Granada Large Flight Cage is part of the Rainforest Cages range and provides plenty of space for your smaller bird or birds to stretch their wings and exercise.

Cleaning and maintaining your bird’s Flight Cage is made easy with multiple doors for easy access, and a pull-out grille and tray.

Plus, it sits on castors so it can easily be moved.

It comes with four feeding dishes that can be added or removed without the need to open the main door. This means less stress for your birds. Plus, there are three starter dowel wood perches that run the full length of the cage.

As standard, the powder paint coat finish is high quality and toxin free.

This cage would be a good home for a small flock of small birds.

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