Gold Capped Conure

Gold Capped Conure


The Gold Capped Conure Parrots For Sale can make an excellent pet for the right person. They are common amongst parrot breeders and can be purchased reasonably. These birds have lovely personalities and are very affectionate with their humans. However, they require physical activity, mental stimulation, and socialization.

The Gold Capped Conure Parrots For Sale is one of the most enjoyable pet parrots &exotic birds. Cheerful, cuddly, and beautiful birds.

True to the characteristics of the Gold Capped Conure Parrots For Sale, this little bird shown here has an incredible personality! He likes everybody who talks to him or holds him. He just went to his new home, and his new family has children, young adults, adults, and grandparents.

Gold Capped Conure Parrots For Sale have become popular as pets, thanks to their attractive yellow, red and green plumage, sunny personality, and lively antics. This beautiful bird is less noisy than most other conures. Its name comes from the yellow crown tinge on its head.


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Gold Capped Conure Parrots For Sale are native to South America. They are a stunning species with bright yellow plumage throughout their entire body with the exception of some deep green on their wings. Golden conures make outstanding friends to it’s owners. A hand-fed baby that receives love and attention will stay sweet its entire life.

They are a great size, measuring roughly 13 inches head to tail. Like most conures, they have a strong voice and a playful personality. Ideally, the minimum cage size for this bird would be 36’’ long, 24’’ wide and 66’’ high with ¾’’ wire spacing. Also buy Military MacawRed Sided EclectusTimneh African Grey Parrot online from us today.

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