Forest Jungle Parrot Play Gym Stand – Antique

Forest Jungle Parrot Play Gym Stand – Antique


  • A place for your Parrot to play away from their cage
  • Has seed catchers, grille, tray and more
  • Has toy hooks to hang goodies
  • Suitable for African Grey, Cockatoo, Conure and more
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About this Product

A great size stand for small to medium Parrots, designed and built by the makers of Rainforest Cages.

Having a Parrot stand or play gym such as this Forest Jungle Parrot Play Gym Stand – Antique from the makers of Rainforest Cages, is a great way to provide your bird with a dedicated safe place for them to play and exercise away from their cage.

Using stands around your home means your Parrot can be with you no matter where you are or what you are doing.

The metal seed catchers, tray and grille are designed to catch any mess your bird makes and keeps it at the bottom out of reach. There are two metal feeding bowls which you can use to provide food and fresh water with or alternatively, fill them with lots of chewable goodies and foot toys.

This stand comes with an arch swing, ladders and a number of toy hooks so you can attach plenty of your Parrot’s favourite toys for them to play with. Promoting active play ensures your bird gets plenty of exercise, helping them to stay fit and healthy.

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