Common Mud Turtle
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Common Mud Turtle

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Are you seeking a playful, special pet that requires little maintenance? The Common Mud Turtle is the only option! Because of their adorable personality and simple maintenance requirements, these little aquatic turtles are a well-liked choice among pet owners.

We sell Common Mud Turtles for a reasonable price at our online pet store. To ensure that they are healthy and prepared to reunite with their new family, our turtles are produced and nurtured in a clean and healthy environment.


The Eastern Mud Turtle, often referred to as the Common Mud Turtle, is a little freshwater turtle with a typical growth range of 3 to 5 inches. Their skin is typically a dark grey or brown colour, and their shell ranges in colour from dark brown to black with yellow or orange markings. The smooth, flat shell of the Common Mud Turtle, which enables them to move with ease in muddy or swampy regions, is one of its most distinctive characteristics.


Swamps, marshes, and small ponds are just a few of the wetland settings that Common Mud Turtles can be found in the wild in the eastern United States. These turtles make the finest pets if housed in a sizable tank with a basking area, lots of swimming space, and a substrate that enables them to burrow.

Small, semi-aquatic turtles called common mud turtles are frequently kept as pets because of their size, simplicity of maintenance, and relatively long longevity. Similar to caring for a pet properly will ensure their health and wellbeing.

Housing: Common Mud Turtles need a semi-aquatic environment that includes both water and land. One adult turtle can be kept in a tank that is 20 gallons in size, with an extra 10 gallons needed for each additional turtle. The land should be big enough for the turtle to comfortably sunbathe in the sun and the water should be deep enough for the turtle to fully submerge and swim. Heat lamps and UVB light should be placed in a basking area.

Water quality: It is important to maintain clean, contaminant-free water in the tank. To keep the water clean, a good filter system should be employed, and regular partial water changes should be performed.

Temperature and Lighting: Common Mud Turtles require a basking area that is about 85°F in temperature, and the water should be kept at a constant range of between 75°F and 80°F. Strong bones and general health depend on proper calcium absorption, which is made possible by UVB lighting.

feeding on regular mud As omnivores, turtles require a variety of foods in their diet, including commercial turtle pellets, fresh produce like kale, collard greens, and carrots, as well as occasional treats like crickets and earthworms.

Managing: Regular Mud Being shy and easily stressed, turtles are typically not the ideal turtles to handle. If handling is required, it should be done carefully and softly to prevent harming the turtle.

In general, common mud turtles make wonderful pets for people who are prepared to provide them the right care. These turtles can live up to 50 years in captivity with the right environment and diet.

The possession of Common Mud Turtles as pets is subject to local, state, and federal legislation, which should be thoroughly researched and complied with. The keeping of them as pets may be prohibited in some places.


The uncommon aquatic turtles known as common mud turtles provide their owners a number of advantages. The following are some advantages of owning a Common Mud turtle:

Low Maintenance: Compared to other types of pet turtles, common mud turtles are fairly simple to care for and demand little upkeep. They don’t need elaborate filtration systems or a big enclosure. The fundamental requirements for maintaining the health and happiness of these turtles are regular tank cleaning, feeding, and supplying fresh water.

Long Lifespan: If given the correct care, common mud turtles can live for 50 years or longer. Because of this, they make a great pet for anyone seeking a lifelong friend.

Common mud turtles are renowned for their fascinating behaviour, which includes swimming, burrowing in the mud, and sunbathing. They can be seen hunting and consuming their prey because they are active feeders.

Common Mud Turtles Have Great Educational Value: Common Mud Turtles Have Great Educational Value for Both Kids and Adults. It can be enjoyable and educational to observe their natural behaviours and learn about their biology and environment.

Environmental Benefits: By eating flies, snails, and other tiny creatures, common mud turtles can contribute to the ecological balance of your garden or backyard. They contribute significantly to the food chain by feeding larger predators like raccoons and raptors.

Support: In general, pets offer their owners emotional support and companionship. Turtles seen in mud are not an exception. Their longevity makes them wonderful pets for those who desire a long-term companion, and they may be relaxing to watch and play with.

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