albino red eared slider turtle
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albino red eared slider turtle


  • Trachemys scripta elegans
  • Captive Bred
  • Unsexed Babies
  • Approximately 2.75 – 3 Inches In Shell Length
  • Like Bright Lemon Slices These Golden Yellow Turtles Are Stunning
  • Voracious Feeders Devouring Pellets, Krill, Crickets, And Greens
  • **No Florida Sales**

Albino Red Eared Slider Turtle

Introduction: The Albino Red Eared Slider Turtle is a rare and beautiful species of turtle that is prized by reptile enthusiasts and pet owners alike. This unique turtle has a white or creamy yellow coloration, with red or pink stripes along its ears and tail, which gives it its distinctive appearance. This species is part of the Emydidae family, which includes other popular pet turtles such as the painted turtle and the box turtle. In this comprehensive guide, we will discuss the care requirements, diet, and behaviors of the Albino Red-Eared Slider Turtle, and why it makes an excellent pet for reptile lovers.

Appearance: The Albino Red Eared Slider Turtle is a medium-sized turtle that can grow up to 10 inches in length and weigh up to 2 pounds. The white or creamy yellow coloration of its shell, skin, and eyes, combined with its red or pink stripes, make this species easily recognizable. Albino Red-Eared Slider Turtles have a smooth, oval-shaped shell that is olive green in color, with yellow stripes and red markings along the edges. The turtle’s skin is soft and flexible, allowing it to move and swim freely in water.

Care Requirements: The Albino Red Eared Slider Turtle is a hardy and low-maintenance species that is easy to care for. They are native to North America and are comfortable in a variety of environments, making them a great choice for reptile enthusiasts and pet owners.

Habitat: When keeping an Albino Red Eared Slider Turtle as a pet, it is important to provide it with a suitable habitat that meets its physical and behavioral needs. A standard 20-gallon aquarium or terrarium can accommodate a single turtle, while a larger enclosure is recommended for multiple turtles. The enclosure should have a basking area, a hiding place, and a place for swimming. It is also important to maintain a warm and humid environment, as this species is sensitive to temperature changes.

Lighting: In addition to the right environment, Albino Red Eared Slider Turtles also require proper lighting. They require a heat source, such as a heat lamp or ceramic heater, to maintain the temperature in their enclosure. A full-spectrum light bulb is also necessary to provide the turtle with UVB radiation, which is essential for its health and well-being.

Water Quality: The Albino Red Eared Slider Turtle is an aquatic species that requires a large body of clean water for swimming and basking. The water in the turtle’s enclosure should be changed regularly to maintain good water quality. A filter can also be used to help keep the water clean.

Diet: The Albino Red Eared Slider Turtle is an omnivorous species that feeds on a variety of food items, including plants, insects, and small fish. A commercial turtle food can be provided as the base of the turtle’s diet, but it is important to also include live food items such as crickets, worms, and small fish. Vegetables such as spinach and lettuce can also be offered to provide additional nutrition.

Behavior: The Albino Red Eared Slider Turtle is a social species that is active and curious by nature. They are known to bask in the sun, swim in their water, and explore their environment. They are also active at night, and are often seen diving and swimming around their enclosure.

Conclusion: The Albino Red Eared Slider Turtle is a beautiful and unique species of turtle that makes an excellent pet for reptile enthusiasts and pet

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