Cherry Headed Conure

Cherry Headed Conure


  • Size: up to 13 inches
  • Lifespan: 30-50 years
  • Bird Species: Conure
  • Colors: Green with red details
  • Sounds: Vocal, Loud and piercing natural calls, Talkative
  • Interaction: Social, Cuddly, Energetic, Affectionate, Fun, Explorer
  • Comparable Breeds: Mitred Conure, Sun Conure

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Considered as one of the best talking conures, these popular pets are full of fun and lovable traits. For anyone who is searching for a perfect pet parrot with a great balance between energy and affection, a Cherry Headed conure parrots can be the best option. These great, friendly companions quickly settle down in a new environment and become a cherished family member. cherry head conure for sale are also a great option for singles and seniors, thanks to them being relatively hassle-free birds

. The only thing you should take into account is their loud natural calls. Apartment settings might not be the best choice. These are one of the most popular conure breeds in the pet parrot world. All thanks to their availability, affordable price, and fantastic, fun personality, cherry headed conure price you can readily afford them by swiftly ordering online at Live Parrots shop.

Make sure that your beautiful Conure is getting the ideal environment.

This means that his cage is the right size. Make sure it is big enough that he can explore both vertically and horizontally without bumping into perches, toys, or fellow birds. Speaking of cages, what is in your Cherry Head Conure’s cage? Does he have a wide variety of new toys to play with and explore? Your Cherry Head is an intelligent bird. Make sure he is stimulated.

Food and sleep are other matters. The best food is an organic pellet-based diet. If your bird isn’t getting the proper nutrition, he could be feeling ill. What happens when you don’t feel good? You get cranky, right? Your bird does too. Feed him well and you’ll eliminate half of his behavior problems. That goes for sleep too.

No one is happy when they’re tired. Your Cherry Head Conure needs between 10-14 hours of sleep to feel happy and healthy. If this means moving him to a quieter room in the evening, then take those steps. You might be surprised to find that his behavior problems are completely eliminated.

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